Border Curse

When I read the title ‘Water Equity in Drought’, it occurs to me that these inequities are caused directly and solely by humans ourselves.

In the animal world, or the prehistoric human world, all beings including animals and plants, traveled with suitable habitats. That is to say, when a place was no longer suitable as a habitat, a migration thus started. However, that is impossible now because of the borders. If people in one country suffer, they cannot migrate to other countries however and whenever they want. They are stuck – stuck in the drought, stuck in hunger, stuck in thirst, stuck in the filth created by better living people, stuck in wars that are not for their benefits, stuck in their identities, stuck in their doomed fate, stuck in the living hell.

What a shame.

Here attach the link if anyone cares to take a look. The situation in South Africa is not the worst, there are many places even more dreadful.

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