Yangtze River Headwaters Volunteering Day 31 长江源志愿工作第31天

This is the last journal of a series recording my days in the Yangtze River Headwaters volunteering project. Like it? Follow my Instagram (@anar.chica.yichenguo) for more updates!

Today is the last day of the volunteering program, but so far we didn’t feel anything special. No one has even started packing yet until now (noon).

It was snowing in the morning, then turned to rain later on. The planned trash investigation couldn’t be carried out so I stayed at the post office to read books. There was one paragraph suitable for the life here:

Leisure is a virtue. It is different from laziness. Laziness is simple negativity, while leisure is physical rest and spiritual pleasure. Recognizing leisure is a sign of social progress. Being able to create leisure from a busy life, and being able to enjoy leisure is an ability and cultivation.
— Ye Tian <Humans Are Not Dolphins – a reflection of a simple environmentalist>

In the drizzles, I received two tourists from Beijing who are over 60 years old. They started out on 10th May to travel together by train, bus and hitchhike. From Beijing to Yunnan, going north along the Nu River, went back south and then north again along Lancang River to enter Tibet. They went to the Ali area through Changdu, went along the southern border to the east through Shigatse and Lhasa, and today they arrived Tuotuo River. The rest of their trip plans are almost the same as mine – they will visit Mangya and Dunhuang on their way back. We left our contact info, maybe in a few days, we will be traveling together. 

I thought the last day would not be peaceful, but in reality, it is very calm. There were new thoughts or insights every day here and in the end, it became normal life. 

Let me end this period of time and welcome new adventures with the words by the great adventurer Livingstone’s wife Mary before she died:

My dear, don’t be like some I’ve seen. Before they die, they already stopped moving forward like a tombstone. I have only one wish — please be like what you’ve always been, keep going forward.

*note: I can’t find the original words. If anyone knows please let me know. Thanks!!!








photo / Zhu Zhenyue

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