Yangtze River Headwaters Volunteering Day 28 长江源志愿工作第28天

This is a series of journals recording my days in the Yangtze River Headwaters volunteering project. I will try to update every day but there might be delays in the days I work in the wild without the internet. I’m also trying to write bilingual if time allows. Like it? Follow my Instagram (@anar.chica.yichenguo) for updates!

Another day of deep cleaning. All are exhausted. 

In the evening a few of us gathered in the coffee room to listen to Xuebin playing the guitar. Although she’s a bit too modest (which reminds me of a chat with a soldier who came to rest in the post office a few days ago regarding to the different average personalities of Chinese and US people. Most of the people from US appear to be very confident when they are abroad (although sometimes it can be annoying), while many Chinese people somehow seem to be ’timid’. The Japanese are even worse in this case. Sometimes these people are so modest that they give away the credits and honers that should have belonged to them. But indeed they are not willing to do that, it’s just the boring ‘face’. It has nothing to do with whether they love their countries or not, it’s just the part of confucianism already out-dated for long and should be abandoned), all of us were soaked in her music. The sound of guitar, the voice of Xuebin, dim light and high stool… People who came here are mostly with an ‘abnormal’ attitude – the spiritual pursuit is much stronger than that of ’normal’ success. Various kinds of specialties can be found in these people. Of the less than 20 people combining the station and Bende Lake, there are around five or six guitarists and 2 bassists. And good photographers are even easier to find. There must be many other undiscovered skills. 

This made me very happy. People who are keen on environmental protection are not all (or mostly not) boring people with serious faces. They have their hearts chasing the nature, with more or less a little bit of chivalry in them. Sometimes you can see different people staring at the Tuotuo River for a long time, and you know whatever they are thinking about has nothing to do with the stink of money.




Unfortunately I didn’t bring my cellphone. In the end Xuebin took pictures of me pretending to remember anything XD

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