The Responsibilities of Intellectuals

The responsibilities of intellectuals: #is not being satisfied living in a cityworking as a slave of capitalismnor drawn in his/her own businessnor in the lab only but to go outto the lands that need helpto the people that are sufferingto the nature that is being destroyed #theories are never perfectwe have theories in place alreadywhat's… Continue reading The Responsibilities of Intellectuals

Coronavirus, Bill Gates, Richard Branson, and Progressive International

It came as a shock to me one day the social media was suddenly filled with news and commentaries about protests against Bill Gates in multiple countries around the world. And at the same time, Richard Branson is also being criticized relentlessly. I was confused about why these happened after all the efforts both of… Continue reading Coronavirus, Bill Gates, Richard Branson, and Progressive International

A Real China 2020

In this era of fake news, mass media is controlled by governments as a tool to manufacture consensus and achieve their political goals. To promote the China threat conspiracy, nearly all western media are focusing on some particular sides of China. Now because of coronavirus, China has been, once again, pushed to the frontier of… Continue reading A Real China 2020


这些与我不相干的人们,总是徘徊在我的脑海,让我思考,关于世界,关于人性,关于生命。许许多多这样的人,静止在我的单行道上,也静止在所有其他活着的人的路上。我走过他们,记住他们,并让他们指导我的思维,我的行动。我从未停下脚步,就像时间一样。点击图片阅读全文。Click the picture to