I used to sit in the office around the clock; I now explore the world around the globe.
I used to label myself a cosmopolitan; I now reprogrammed myself a cosmopolitan.

Looking back, those thoughts about life in the past were nothing but tunnel vision. When there is a crack on the prison wall, you wish that crack gets bigger and bigger; you wish to see a bigger world. And then exploration became a major pursuit of life. No matter rich or poor, developed or underdeveloped, primitive or civilized, everywhere there are people and things that touch the soul and change a person. So many unknown worlds, so many unknown civilizations! When you are exposed to such endless unknowns, you suddenly realize the ‘very important’ things in your life are so insignificant. Those trivialities have suddenly disappeared, and you’ve gained a big heart with unprecedented tolerance.

First let the world change you, and then there is the possibility that you may influence the world.




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