Yangtze River Headwaters Volunteering Day 23 长江源志愿工作第23天

This is a series of journals recording my days in the Yangtze River Headwaters volunteering project. I will try to update every day but there might be delays in the days I work in the wild without the internet. I’m also trying to write bilingual if time allows. Like it? Follow my Instagram (@anar.chica.yichenguo) for updates!

For some reason I’ve been drowsy today since morning to afternoon despite the not-short sleep last night, until I went out for trash investigation with the new guys. Usually except for picking up recyclable trash and record their brands, we carry a Green River flag and broadcast the recordings to educate passersby on environmental protection. And that’s about it. However the enthusiasm of the volunteer from Dali woke me up. He raised his head, slightly jumping up to speak loudly to the truck drivers in the driving seat,’protect the environment, don’t throw trash on the ground!’ None of the drivers showed any impatience. All returned with either a smile or a nod or a wave of their hands. While laughing at his funny postures and faces, I applaud for him in my mind. The drowsiness that accompanied me most of the day was gone immediately as well. 

After we were back in the station, I witness the ’never relax Dr. Han’ again. Since the morning a few days ago while we did the routine cleaning after breakfast, I’ve been respecting her a lot. I saw the over seventy years old Dr. Han sweeping the floor outside the kitchen, so I said to her, ‘let me do it, why don’t you take a rest.’ Then I got the response immediately,’ what’s a rest for?’ And today we saw her washing the Greatwall pickup back in the station. This pickup is used in the wild a lot, every time it unavoidably got covered in mud, the inside is not much better either. Dr. Han couldn’t stand to see it like that. Later in the evening, after dinner, she was helping to clean the kitchen again. We felt bad to let her do it but she grinned to us and said naughtily, ‘I have the elderly ADHD, don’t you know that?’

Close to nine in the evening, Tuotuo River is welcoming the golden sunset accompanied with a short while of a huge complete rainbow. Although today’s sunset was among the ‘ugly’ ones in Tuotuo River, it satisfied our needs to take sunset photos. The day waken up by everyone’s enthusiasm has ended perfectly. 




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