Yangtze River Headwaters Volunteering Day 10 长江源志愿工作第10天

This is a series of journals recording my days in the Yangtze River Headwaters volunteering project. I will try to update every day but there might be delays in the days I work in the wild without the internet. I’m also trying to write bilingual if time allows. Like it? Follow my Instagram (@anar.chica.yichenguo) for updates!

The second baby of the black-necked crane hatched today. As expected, the two babies started attacking each other as soon as they met. Low reproduction ability and fratricide has worsen their condition of endangerment. However, we cannot influence nature. We can only observe, but not interfere. We cannot break them apart purposefully.

I finally saw a Pallas’s gull throwing up a whole big fresh fish to feed its chicks, proving that their name is not for nothing. And after non-stop searching, plus my logical reasoning and good luck while walking around taking pictures with my long focus lens, I have surprisingly found two nests of the great crested grebes in one day!

In the evening we converted the tent to live house. The station staff Yuqing is actually an artsy guy good at singing while playing guitar. In the dim yellow light, listening to the soft rhythm, warming up with burning bull shit, and away, far, far away from the crowd. It seems in recent years this kind of scene has been repeating occasionally. Every time it’s serene and touching. This is what life originally looks like.
晚上在帐篷里开live house, 我们的育青同志竟是吉他弹唱文艺青年。昏黄的灯光,安静的旋律,牛粪生火取暖,远离人群喧嚣。这几年似乎不时就有这样类似的情景,每一次都安详而感动。这才是生命本来的样子。

‘Live house’ at the station
站里的 Live house

Deep in the night, I was ready for bed, when suddenly called up by two fellow volunteers to go out and take pictures of the stars. I grabbed my big aperture lens, and found the whole Milky Way above my head as soon as I went out. There was even reflections of the stars on the calm water surface! While walking to the hill, a shooting star slide over the sky.

If there is no pollution, we should have been able to count stars in every corner of the world.

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