Yangtze River Headwaters Volunteering Day 4 长江源志愿工作第4天

This is a series of journals recording my days in the Yangtze River Headwaters volunteering project. I will try to update every day but there might be delays in the days I work in the wild without the internet. I’m also trying to write bilingual if time allows. Like it? Follow my Instagram (@anar.chica.yichenguo) for updates!

I’m officially on board today! I got the ‘dog tag’ (officially an ‘environmental dog’?), and checked in at the WeChat group. Although it’s a normal procedure in a normal company that I don’t usually appreciate, here it is a delight. 

After breakfast, everyone participated in the cleaning work. Since we always get mud attached to the bottom of our shoes when we work outside, we need to clean the inside of the station every day to ensure that the sanitary condition is up to the very strict required level. Mr. Yang is a very delicate boss who even developed a very detailed standard including for example, a mop can be used for 10 square meters every time it is cleaned. Duoduo could tell that I’m a book lover, so he asked me to tidy up the book case which is messily filled books in either horizontal or vertical position. This is another Zen work. I enjoy tidying up bookcase at home, and now doing the same thing here is not difficult. In the interim of tidying the bookcase, I went to check the temperatures at the 13 check points and photo record the air quality monitor data at required time. These need to be done three times per day, in the morning, at noon and in the evening. Differs from most of the volunteering projects that focus more on experiencing, the day to day operations of Green River is largely carried out by the volunteers. 

We went to trash investigation both in the morning and in the afternoon today. It was cloudy and a bit chilly, and because of the rain last night, the road is covered with mud. We walked in the much to pick up the ditched or even crashed bottles and cans. Luckily every one is being professional with hiking shoes on, so it’s easy to wash up when we’re back in the station. Later on we went to the train station to give a little speech. I didn’t have time to prepare beforehand, and was a bit nervous at the beginning, after all, I haven’t spoken in front of so many people for a long time. I tried to calm my breath, and found the right mood. I heard my voice filtered from the speaker, which is not much worse than when I was a guest hostess in the broadcasting station when I was little. My confidence was built up little by little. It was a happy surprise that there were applauses when I finish. When the train came, I held up the plate ’no trash on the ground, more beautiful plateau.’ and standing at the door of the only cartridge that opens up at this station. If I do this alone I would be so awkward and somehow timid, but together with the organisation I immediately become fearless again. 

Speaking at the train station

Since I’m on duty today, I need to write the work log after the meeting in the evening. There are quite a lot of nuanced works everyday, so it was already a quarter past nine when I sent out the email. It’s an exhausting and enriched happy day. We continue tomorrow. 

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